Reflection isn’t Just for Mirrors.

Yeah! I got to thinking about introductions, and why the heck would anyone want to follow what goes on inside a Clown’s head? I think some of you might think you know where this is leading.

Blogging University (BU) says on the First Assignment page, “Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?”  I never had anyone follow my ramblings other than myself, so is it really “public?” Besides, my personal journals are usually filled with cartoons of Clowns doing clowny things.  Though I could just take pictures of these cartoons, but they would still make little sense without the punch lines.  1293569998442

I have every intention of using this course to be a better writer, as well as networking with other highly creative people. Two great tastes that taste good together.

Then BU asks ” What topics do you think you’ll write about?” If you haven’t figured out by now what I will be blogging about, don’t feel left out, me neither!  I just know it will have something to do with Clowns, the art of clowning, my tight-wire act of learning anything I possibly can, how being a clown affects me.

So I am feeling all good with my answers and stuff, the BU chimes in with “Who would you love to connect with via your blog?” I chortle inwardly repeating the question over and over under my wig.  Really, I am hop20140817_113854ing to connect with me.

I just want to make people smile and laugh. Whether it be a guffaw, a snicker or even a snerk then I will be a happy Clown. If connections are made, I will be thrilled that I could bring a bit of laughter into someone else’s personal moment reading this.

BU looked at me sideways with a smile.  As if I was on the right path, just like I got this silly algebraic formula and it made sense. then turned to me and asked “If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?”

What can I say?  I stare blankly blinking at BU.  Accomplish?  hmm, well, dang. I think it boils down to picking up a new habit. I need to be in the habit of writing.  I need to habitually write! I have to make it an every day thing.

This is where BU accidentally let out a little giggle. Wrote down some notes in my file then asked ” What are you about?”

I am about spreading laughter, joy and happiness!  Nothing is sacred, and laughter is the best medicine.

BU nodded with raised eyebrows, then sternly looked into my eyes and quietly asked “Why should they read your blog?”

Really BU, that is almost mean. Almost.  I will go back to the first paragraph on this post ” Why the heck would anyone want to follow what goes on inside a Clown’s head?” Well, readers, it all boils down to this today; Clowns don’t do funny things, they do things funny.20150523_103347


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