What does it mean to be a Clown

As far back as I can remember, I have had a different perspective on things. I always seemed to either over process things, or approach doing something that other people would not consider an option.  Life was not easy for me to understand because of this.

My obsession with clowns started when I was designing seasonal themed attractions for amusement parks.  I was building Haunted House type attractions for amusement parks all over the world.  Many of the administrators of these parks had an affinity to circus and clown type attractions.  Let’s face it, the circus and Clowns are sort of creepy.  They have their edge.

Because this theme was so popular, I did as much research on both clowns and circuses. That research started a deep obsession with clowns. Do not confuse my obsession with being a collector.  I do not have 100’s of tiny figurines cluttering my book shelves, nor do I have any Emmett Kelly on velvet (much to my chagrin), no naughty clown soap dispensers.

Clowns have a very rich history in the world.  Many believe that clowns originated in Italy, some have said ancient Egypt, and others claim ancient China had the first clowns. I think this is one of those 100 monkey phenomenons. There was a need for humor at one point with a public voice, to the challenge a special type of person rose up to meet it; the Clown.

To be a clown, a person has to have a deep understanding of people, culture, art, the human condition, emotional states, political climates, social issues, just to list a few important criteria.  To be a clown a person must accept these things into their consciousness and be comfortable with it.  That’s a very small part of being a clown.

To make people laugh is a calling.  It isn’t something just anyone can do either.  Because it is a craft.  It must be cultivated and honed.  But when it happens, there is no other rush like it.  To make someone laugh as if they have never laughed before is one of the best feelings in the world.

I heard my Clown calling me for a long time before I realized what was being said and where i was being called to.  Long after I had removed myself from the Haunted Attraction industry. I was sitting in front of my computer, slaving over college homework when it hit me like a tonne of bricks.  I had to let this Clown out of my head and give her a face.  Sure the first version was really creepy, not the beauty that stands before you today.

Since then I have been writing with and without my troupe.  We write skits, we write bits, we write satirical lyrics and parodies.  I have to choreograph parade dance routines, as well as teach my troupies about our art.

On Memorial day weekend 2015, …of Questionable Repute represented the Clown Motel in the Jim Butler Days celebration in Tonopah Nevada.  Our first out of state gig, and we won second place in the parade.  That’s right second place.  We are number 2, that makes us the shit!

Winning that ribbon gave me a huge kick in the pants.  Now I really have to step up my game and learn how to juggle!

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