Evolution of Face


la Grade Fromage,

Chuckles Douchet

When a Clown has their make up on, it is referred to as being “in face”.  Every Clown has their own make up design.  Each one is unique to the clown.  This is the evolution of me.


I had mentioned in a previous blog about my Clown vision in “What Does it Mean to be a Clown”, This was my first attempt.  I say attempt because that is exactly what it was.  A grand one too, just inexperienced.

My first attempt at my face was not as cute as I had envisioned it. I didn’t have any clown make up all I had was my own make up that I had.  Regular beauty make up.


Chuckles could be classified as an Auguste. The makeup base color is a variation of pink, red, or tan. Features are exaggerated in size, and are typically red and black in color. The mouth is thickly outlined with white (called the muzzle) as are the eyes.

It took me at least another year before I got back into face.  I took a little more care and a lot more lighting.  Plus I had the added bonus kick in the pants because I was dragging a friend along with me.


We would go on pub crawls.  We would stir up some excitement, have a drink or gnosh, then boogie onto the next pub.

After that, I then began planning specific nights I would drag my friends out. Introducing them to a very elite lifestyle. i began calling our outings appearances.  I figured we were going to all the same bars, and people were starting to recognize us.


The more appearances we did, the better my make up looked. I have done countless hours of research on clown make up.

Chuckles at sopi 20150308_005236

Some nights were good, Other nights, not so good.  Being in face ebbs and flows.

Sometimes the make up likes to cooperate with the face, and sometimes the Clown has to work it to make it.

Sometimes the Clown just doesn’t want to be out at all, but know the show must go on.

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