Rhythm, melody and tone.

I have been traveling without electronic communication devices, essentially taking a break from social media and the likes to have some focus on that whole juggling thing. Sadly, my blogs suffered and my juggling is still like watching a fish out of water.

I have 3 passions in life; Clowning, cooking and traveling.

I will do just about anything to be on the road.  I will even help someone move across the country if it means I get to travel for free. My time traveling is spent learning how other cultures, even here in the states, survive on a daily basis all the while listening to music. Remember, traveling is about the journey.

I know this isn’t a new or innovative concept.  But it seems like it every time I can drift off into the horizon with a great soundtrack. There are times when the music lines up so perfectly with the time and space it seems planned.

I know when I listen to music I am in my own world.  The cool part about this world, it runs parallel with many others.  I am far from alone in my love of music.  Even the whacky circus music i love so much has other people just as passionate about it.

Music is and element to life. Adding this element can change everything; a depth that can be brought to the aspects already in play. Music can light a moment and empower an emotion. It can give meaning to a cause. Music can calm the anger and set souls on fire.  Give strength to a memory.

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