Stage fright? Awww GEEZ!

Something every performer faces is stage fright.  I am not fond of that term.  It denotes negativity… crap I suddenly sound like I am actually trying to sound PC.

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am fearless.  I do not back down because I am scared.  If it scares me I face it head on until I am not scared any more.  I take that emotion of fear and anxiety about a thing, I crumple it up in an imaginary ball and I throw it away. I shout at it “You have no power over me!”

I have been a performer since I was a small child, and the only time I fell victim to stage fright was in 7th grade at the annual talent contest.  I was the co MC, the new kid, and the weirdo.  (UUUUHG! 7th grade sucked!). As soon as the first words came out of my mouth, I was able to settle right into what needed to be done.

After that I did not dread going on stage or performing.  I decided to make it feel good.  To not go to that negative place of “What if they hate me?”  I got to the point of “Who cares!  They are never going to forget me!”

As I matured… *snicker snort* I came to look forward to this feeling.  I correlate it to a first kiss from a new lover.  Something that is intense, scary, sweet, lovely and a myriad of descriptive words of joy.

Now, when my troupe members are feeling stage fright, I will tell them to put it in a good place, not a bad place, then I take a moment to enjoy it through them.

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