When I have time, I like to dig into research.  The topic sometimes varies, but usually sticks to traveling, cooking or clowning.

Today I found an article written by Lisa Hix back on my birthday in 2014!

Some of you are merely mildly interested in clowns and clowning, this article is not for you, so go read something else for right now, and let the fun people learn some cool shit!  Go ON! GET!

I love reading about the history of clowns.  To me, it is like opening up a birthday present, or getting a letter via snail mail from an old friend.  Learning and relearning the history of Clowns is something I look forward to every day!

Follow this link if you would like to read the article, if you don’t then… well… phooey on you, go back to doing whatever it is you were doing before you decided to read this!


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