Oh the Blogs I Read

I read a blog today on vulnerability.  I had a hard time understanding it.  When I say it i mean vulnerability.  I guess I didn’t fully understand what it means to be vulnerable.

Here is a link to that blog in case you want to read it too.  There is a video at the end that I got a little more out of than the quotes in the article.


So I as I read through this blog, a clearer definition was provided to the reader.  What I came to learn is that I am highly vulnerable, I just have embraced it so long ago that I am comfortable with my own vulnerabilities.

I feel that most performers are.  They would have to be to step foot on stage or in front of the lens.  I have blogged before about stage fright, How I do not let it go to a negative place.  I now realize that was me embracing and accepting being vulnerable to a myriad of criticisms; rejections, intrigue, emotional out bursts of love and hate.

I wish I could share what people call my ‘strength’ with the world.  I wish that more people could be stronger in their own skin. To have the strength to not accept mediocrity, to demand more out of their lives.

Until then, I will just have to play the fool, and show off my (ahem) burgeoning juggling skills.  Balloon animals are next my dear readers!

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