MAKE UP FU… oh, I mean MakeUp Test

20150811_205134 20150811_205140Commonly before a show, I will purchase new make up.  Last night was the obligatory MAKE UP TEST.  I had to get all new black, white, and red cream make up.  So last night I did a quick application.  For two reasons, 1) I wanted to see how to use the new creams. B) I wanted to see how fast I could apply my face.

20140531_191522Every time I put my face on, It is different than the last time.  Just the over all design is the same.  It is different every time because I use  my hands and brushes to apply my face.  Some clowns use air brushes to save time.  I personally feel that is cheating.  That is a stencil!  Where is the dedication? Where is the creativity it takes to get into your character then?  Nowhere I tell you readers.

20150530_203532Constant improvement, unending self exploration of my Clown. Ever changing techniques and products.  It’s no wonder I am completely obsessed with being a Clown. The layers of fun aren’t just like a cake, or even an onion.  No, it’s more like an onion cake.. which doesn’t sound very appetizing, but then again, I used to think ginger candy was gross too.

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