Laugh Clown

One of the reasons I am a Clown is because of my own emotional state.  I am like creme brulee.  Hard and crunchy on the outside, but sweet and creamy on the inside.

I have faced some intense situations in life, that have made it difficult to maintain a level of happiness.  So, I am a Clown for very selfish reasons.  I like to make people smile and laugh because it makes me feel good.

When I make people laugh, and smile, and just be happy, I get the sensation of eating a York Peppermint Patty.  It is kind of like that feeling when you see a shooting star.  That innocent elation that makes your heart soar as high and fast as that star.

This morning I would like to share one of my heroes growing up.  If only I had this kind of skill. So, my dear readers, please enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Laugh Clown

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