Four Legged Inspiration

I have pets.  I constantly have pet hair embedded in my life!

I love animals, especially my dog.  She doesn’t get enough recognition in my over all well being.

Moana is a Walker Hound.  Part of the scent hound group.  This specific breed is typically bred to hunt large game such as bears and cougars.  They are known for their unending stamina, and goofy attitude.

20150629_221805Spending time with this lovely creature is never boring.  Moana is always down for a good joke, even if it is at her expense.  Though she has learned that peanut butter is only a laughing torture.

20150629_222715When things just become too much, I stop and take a break and love on my dog.  I mean look at her!  She is beautiful and sweet!  How can anyone stay in a rotten mood when a dog like this is in the room?

20150629_222752Things moana likes; Bones, she says she only has one, but that is as high as she can count.  She says “Look at my bone, you can’t have it! I am going to bury it here and come back tomorrow for it.  In the mean time I have another one bone I want to bury until tomorrow too.”

Here is to Moana!  Thanks for being a great dog!

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