That Stings

Being a Clown is not always fun and games.  Sometimes there is more nonsense to deal with that is not fun.  I mean, I love nonsensical things, except when it interferes with the chosen path the troupe must follow.

I adore my troupies, I do.  Sometimes some of my troupies can over process an event, or something surrounding an event, and I have to iron out the pressed in wrinkles.

It stings a little when there is a miscommunication and a troupie gets all butt hurt over simple requests or inane subjects.  It stings when they come  to me with crucial information that was needed 4 months ago.  It stings when they turn and say “I want to go in a different direction.”   It stings when  troupies put their fears over the good of the troupe, and expect me to break my back over details that they should have dealt with long before they joined my Clown troupe. it stings that people who want to be clowns are becoming harder and harder to find.

Such is life in the house ….of Questionable Repute.

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