Wow… Writing 101 is here!

Why I write… Why do I write?

That is a very simple question to a very complex answer.  I write for many reasons. Throughout the day, the reasons I write, change.

Writing is good for the creative flow. I can be a dreamer, I have a fantastic imagination.  I feel writing brings out a level of creativity that I am unfamiliar with, yet offers a comfort to its creation.

Putting ideas in any kind of print, makes them easier to turn into attainable goals. I am a goal achiever.  I know which ideas are worth turning into goals when I write them down.  It is taking something from nothing and turning it into a success.

Ranting in a blog is much more easier that blowing up at any given moment about whatever. Kinda like that bunny in that one movie… “My momma said, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!”  Okay, to a point yes, however, it isn’t good to bottle things up.  Ranting in blog form is safe.  No ones feelings will be hurt when I blog about them being complete idiots that miss the point of coulorophobia being just a ridiculous concept adults use to validate being an idiot!

Sharing a laugh with others is always fun. I write to make the punchline better.  To make the laugh last that much longer.  To make the joke that much more memorable.

Honing a craft that I feel that I am in the infancy of.  I feel everyone is a work in progress.  I like to perfect things I can control.  Writing is something I can control.  I can be as nutty or as serious as I want.  I am not even that new to it, I feel that there is so much for me to soak in pertaining to being a good writer.

The flow of writing can be cathartic. Expressing emotions can be easier through written word.  I have mountains of written journals that are categorized by how willing I am to let other people read.  Some are dedicated to specific people or aspects of my complicated life.  Let me just tell you, Dear Readers, the juggling journal has more swear words than my naughty time blogs!

Written word can be turned into spoken word. I have writing sessions with my Troupies.  We write songs, and scripts.  We take no prisoners and show no mercy.  Writing sessions are brutal mentally.  At the end though, is utter bliss of creating a one act play, or a three minute song.

I write because writing brings to life ideas and concepts. With as fast as my brain works, I have to write ideas and concepts down to sound them out.  Se if they are worth coercing into becoming something bigger, something better.

Writing is a doorway to how our brains work. I write like my brain flows.  I write how I talk, for the most part.  In written word, I swear much less.

Writing is such a magical release of ones self.

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