Blogging 201! 3, 2, 1 GOOOAAAALLLLLLS!

It is Sunday afternoon when I get the email.  Blogging 201 (B201) is here already!.  But it is Sunday afternoon and not Monday morning! Here I have this bottle of wine, or three, and my  unexpected  but very welcome guest B201!

“So I will pour you a glass as well, and we can discuss the next few weeks!” I say as I reach for a second glass.

The parameters are set, and that is when B201 turns to me cheerfully and clearly states “Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals.”

Concrete goals? I repeat in my head a few thousand times. I usually have no problem finding and setting and achieving goals.  It is one of those things that I am really good at.

B201 looked at me while swirling the wine around in the glass and asked “Why do you blog?” then set the wine glass down to lean in and look at me.

“For notoriety?” Asks, B201

“possibly, I have a different audience here than I do when I am at an appearance, or a show. I appeal on a unaccustomed level of entertainment in my blogs.”  I felt good with this answer.

B201 smiled and pet the dog. and asked as if in passing “To get a book contract?”

“No,” I said flatly ” I don’t think that blogging is going to make booking gigs any easier.” I finished my current glass of wine, and poured another, B201 was not ready for more wine yet. But sttill had a few more questions for me.

“To self-publish? or to establish yourself as a leader in your field?” B201 watched me intently as I shifted in my comfy chair.

“I started this blog to learn more about my own writing style.  I have scripts to write, Ideas to share, and stories to tell.” as I drone on with the answer, i hold up my wine glass to tthe light looking at the deep rich red tones. Continuing “I figured blogging would be good for that. I only need to be the leader of my troupe, I don’t need to lead fields of Clowns,”

“I see,” said B201, “So then to gain followers? To connect with others? To clarify your own thoughts?”

“No B201, more like to gain followers while clarifying my own thoughts about connecting with others.  That’s what clowns do, we connect with others about life.” I might have sounded more tart than I needed to, but B201 didn’t seem offended at all .

We drank more wine, and laughed about my blogs throughout Blogging 101, and my new Writing 101 blogs.  Oh How amused we both were for a while.

So when B201 turned back to the current assignment, I was not surprised when B201 asked  in an almost too excited tone “If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like?”  Then sipped some wine and continued “Would you have a different design?”

Oh, good question, I have not considered any of that yet, i just know I need to keep writing.  I like the way my blog looks right now, I might redesign it, but it suits me.” I pause to think about my blog site, and how I designed it.

B201 laughed, and leaned in again and almost whispered “How many followers would you have? How much traffic?” with raised eyebrows, B201 sipped some more of the wine.

“Dang B201, why do you have to hit me with all the heavy questions after 2 bottles? I want hundreds of thousands of followers, but I have to start somewhere, I am thrilled for the nearly couple dozen I currently have.  I would like people to hang on what I have to say, but I know I have to get better at writing my thoughts into a cohesive formula.”

We were almost ready to open bottle number three, then B201 asked ” What sort of community would participate?”

Seriously?” I asked, again, kind of sour, I thought that was obvious. ” I want the curious to read my blog, I want my adoring public to read my blogs, I want the oddities to read my blog.”

B201 nodded in agreeance, as if to just confirm thoughts that had already been put together, yet deconstructed because of the wine. But continued the query “How often would you post?”

“As it stands, I try to post every day.  I would like that to be up to three times a day, but on different sites.”

We finished the last glasses from the second bottle, and gazed at bottle number three.  We then looked at each other, both relaxed from having a somewhat lazy Sunday afternoon, and a good wine bender.

Sighing, I tell B201 ” Look, over the next few weeks, i really plan on improving my skills as a writer.  That is my number one goal throughout this whole process, to be a better writer.”

I opened that third bottle and then let it breathe while I further explained myself. ” I have learned so much from other peoples blogs.  Writing styles, and how to cope with personal thoughts.  It is all rather cool, so I do plan on keeping up with a number of other blogs in hopes of enriching my own.”

I paused to fill our glasses with the new bottle of pinot.

“And finally, I want to double my followers.  I feel that my writing can be compelling enough to interest readers, at the very least.”

B201 agreed that these were all worthy and attainable goals over the next few weeks, and we toasted with the new wine.

I am pretty sure we called a cab for B201, i got a text confirming that the cab was outside around midnight.

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