Writing 101 Day 6 – Where are my Pants?

Hahahaha!  Made you look!

Writing space is something that became important to me about 3 or 4 months ago.  I knew I needed to be able to focus, but I have no real free space in my house to just sit and write, and knew I needed one. Where do you write?  I write in my bedroom.  I have a small office set up in my mind) in my room, where I keep my computer.  I am able to shut my bedroom door and have as much privacy I need from outside influences.

Do you prefer blogging on your laptop in a coffee shop?  I get coffee in a coffee shop, and that is rare because Americano’s are pricey, and I can make my own at home!  So it is at home where I work.

Are you productive in a quiet room, door closed, away from civilization? This is an interesting question, I have different needs for different writing tasks.  Example, If I am writing a comedy bit, I will often hand write, and not always in my house.  I am often with part or all of my writing team for the troupe, and we are constantly thinking and working on new material.  When I am researching I am mostly alone, or with one other person.  Research is best when you have another head to knock against, but too many people can gum up the whole process.  Then when I am writing my script, it is very private, and I need to be in a state of “I have to do this”.  Sometimes civilization is part of my writing process.

Today, describe the space where you write. Or, if you don’t have a dedicated place, what is your ideal setting?  My Ideal setting, In a small house on a seaside cliff type area, the office in the corner,desk by the window over looking the Pacific ocean.  The reality; I work is in my tiny bedroom.  I have to shuffle things about when I want to open the closet, or attempt to juggle.  With that being said, I spend a considerable amount of time writing, and cater mostly to my writing set up.  Ahhh, life in a tiny room.

What are your writing habits?  Currently, I write daily.  I make an effort to write for at least 2 hours during my day.  Sometimes I get lucky, and there is more inspiration, other times, I sit and try to figure out to formulate my thoughts.

What equipment or supplies do you use to write? I need my computer, and a cup of coffee. When I am hand writing in my journal, that is usually for rehearsal or song writing, or for my psycho – obsessive – rants in my crush book. What I need is the idea that I need to write.  I need something to sip on, and something to toke on.  I NEED a moment usually to stop and redirect my attention, but those fucking juggling scarves stare at me, they never stop.

What do you need and want in a physical space? What I need is a fresh pot of blonde coffee, a big fat bowl of kind green, and some privacy!  Now… as much as I adore each and every one of you, Dear Readers, I have a lot of work to do.

Really what I need is to finish up here, and shut those damned scarve up for a while.

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