Writing 101 Day 7 – Quote my Pants

In pursuit of answering questions as to why I feel the way I do about clowning, I research everything I can find on clowns (No clown type tchotchke), purely for information to soak up, I came across this article for the second time, and had to do a reread.  This time though, I want to add what I have learned in the past 8 years I have been at this.

This article was originally published in December 1996 in “Pratiques Corporelles” and written by Jean-Bernard BONANGE. Adapted and translated from the French by Vivian GLADWELL.

Thank you so much to Nose to Nose for keeping this art alive and flourishing! Read the whole article at your leisure.  It is incredible insight on Clown performance.

The article begins by stressing the validation how being a Clown is not as simple as a costume and make up.  Anyone can put on a costume, and make up and even a big funny nose, but those actions are not enough to call yourself a Clown.

Without doubt, clowns are in vogue in our modern society, perhaps because their eternal optimism in the face of failure, or their naïve way of living life to the full counterbalances neatly the dominant value system of a society that praises efficiency, success, achievement and productivity.

I will only argue that the term “in vogue” is not so much an American phenomenon.  Here in the United States, the people seem to be more reluctant to put themselves in that vulnerable place of creativity.  They are not willing to let go of what society has deemed as necessary acceptable behavior.  Also, too afraid to let others laugh at their actions.  I personally live for that laughter.

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