Writing 101 Day 14: A day like no other

I yearn for serenity and peace every day.  I am not always successful at that endeavor though.  No, There are days when I am flabbergasted at the excitement generated by the events in my life.

I have been forced to start my life over several times.  Each time I have to do this, is because of some insane, unbelievable, involved event.  It is never simple, and makes most people scratch their heads and say “What the hell?”

Though those events moved me to beginning a new life, I do not focus on them.

I focus on the little things in everyday life that make me smile.  I do not overtly dwell on happy or sad days.  I learn from those experiences and use those emotional responses when needed.  When would a clown need to use sadness?  All the time, to remind us all that life does not have to be full of sadness, yet it is a necessity to remind us to be happy about what we have.

All my days are like no other.  Each one is as unique as a fingerprint;  Strikingly similar, yet absolutely has its own flair and character.

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