Writing 101 Day 18: Emm Aye Pee Ess = MAPS


AAAaaahhhh Oregon.  Pronounced Ori – gun.  Not Or eh Gone like they do on television.  I live in the largest city in Oregon; Portland.  The city motto is “Keep Portland Weird”.

I love Portland.  It is a small, compact city with strong community values.  I could go on and on about how Portland has embraced the whole green movement. I could write volumes about the activists that swarm out of the cracks when given the opportunity.  I could even brag about all the fun gathering events that have been started here in Portland.

But I will not bore you all with stuff you can google on your own.

What I love about Portland… where do I begin?  OH!  I know… Let’s start with what we all first notice about Portland: It’s really clean! Almost everyone here is very proactive about not littering, and making sure others don’t.  There is a cleaning crew that scrubs the city every night too.  For the most part, people are genuinely respectful of that.  Yeah, of course every city has it’s own population of ass hats… you know who you are!

Another thing I really love about Portland is the epidemic of bad hair.  Yup, bad hair!  We wear a lot of hats and hoodies here because of the damp cold weather.  Consequently, hair is low on the priority list.  The humidity makes hair poofy and frizzy, the wind blows it all over the place, and the cold makes us wrap up the frizzy blown all over the place hair into beenies.  Then when said beenies are removed, we have a rats nest as opposed to freshly coiffed hair.


Portland… Beer…  I may not drink, but my audience does! There is also a respectable winery community in the general area as well, considered to be local sources for wine.  One of my favorite local restaurant chains has their own vineyard and breweries.

Of course there are countless other things that make Portland great, like the strange gatherings and festivals to the unending forests surrounding this great city.  One of the coolest things is urban yard farmers. From vegetable gardens to chickens and city pigs and the cute houses that go with them.  They are everywhere!  There are all kinds of things we can farm within city limits.  I am building a pig pen for my very own city pig.

Portland might not be very glamorous, it’s weird. I can dig it! Portland will always be home to me.

3 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day 18: Emm Aye Pee Ess = MAPS

  1. I like Portland. I live in New Zealand, but I visited it many many years ago (during my misspent youth, which I have never for one moment regretted) when I was travelling from Seattle to Missoula, Montana, by Greyhound bus. I can’t remember if I over-nighted there or not, but I do remember going to an art gallery/ museum? that had a display of kitsch art. Wonderful.

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