Oh the Juggling

Some day, I will know the joy of being able to juggle.

I practice and practice, I do not see any improvement, but then I have been half blind for a month or so.

I have been turning to research.  I watch juggling videos to try gain insight on anything having to do with form or patterns. I have read juggling history, where I followed information trails back to ancient Egypt.

Juggling is a craft that mesmerises people.  It is an artform that makes us question what we are seeing, and its relation to gravity.

Just when I thought that I had a grasp on what juggling was or is, I came across a modern juggler; Jerome Thomas.

He is the worlds best juggler of all time.  I mean of all time, not just of my life span.  His command of the space around him is magical (I really wish that the editor of this video would have understood that). The U.S. has missed out on a lot of quality entertainment.

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