5 effing problems? Just five?

Social media.

I have to say, social media is a powerful device.  I love watching things take wildfire on social media.  It is fun to see which one of my followers or friends is going to put on whatever flag has been slighted over their main picture.  And who is going to do it fastest and hold onto it the longest.

It is also fun to see how blindly soo many will just do as they are told.  “look at this poor little kid!  how many likes can she get?” first, you are telling me to look at someone else’s little kid, then I am supposed to like it?  WTF?  Really?  and reading the comments is always the same, loads of aww, little baby jesus loves the little babies….

I never have to set foot inside a pharmacy now to know what ugly fingernail polish will look like on some dragon foot claws, with glitter too.  how many people need to worry about this kind of personal maintenance?  How many people really like this particular shade of whore pink, or are they just hitting the like button because it is a habit.

Sure, your parents were crazy, so are you and look at your children!

Sadly, all the truly great and remarkable things social media is, the five best and worst things are the same thing… the users.

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