10 things

Today I have to pick out ten interesting fact about me. Holy crap!  I think I am an exceptionally boring person, which we all know isn’t true.  This is like making a dating site profile. With all of the online dating I participate in, I totally thought this would be easier! I hope these are of interest to you all Dear Readers.  I really don’t know where to start.

Oh! I know what Interesting Fact Number 10 should be.  Animals love me!

They do! Dogs and cats especially.  One of my clown friends and I used to cut through this dog park to get to this coffee shop, and all the dogs would run up to me and love on me.  Lots of tail wags and “pet me pet me” attitudes, yet pass right by my friend.  When she would approach the dogs, or pet them, often times the dogs would growl at her.  People’s cats too will come out of hiding to meet me, and see what I am about.

Pet owners are often amazed at their pet’s behavior around me.  I really do hear often “My dog/cat hates everyone, I have never seen her/him do that before with anyone.”

It is funny that I am sitting here thinking “what is so damn interesting about me?” and coming up with nothing. Which is just silly considering my line of work.

As you all must know by now what I do, Interesting Fact Number 9 might be of interest:  I do not have a clown collection.

There are no clown figurines in my house at all.  There are no pictures or paintings hanging on the walls of clowns.  I do not have any clown things in my home at all, other than costumes and makeup.

When people find out I am a clown, they do expect a certain amount of collectables to be scattered around me, but nope. I really do not have the space.

Why don’t I have the space for something cute, and dusty you ask? Because of Interesting Fact Number 8: Costumes!

Any spare space I have in my home is usually filled with costuming, or costume construction supplies.  Cosplay to original designs, I do it all.  I find myself looking at things and figuring out where I can use it on a costume.  Sometimes I will find a tiny piece and build a massive costume around it.

Even when I am traveling, I will find local costume shops to see if they have anything different than the ones around here.  Typically, thrift stores and charity shops have the best costume bits and pieces.

Which brings me to point out that Interesting Fact Number 7 should be that I hate shopping.  Unless it is for groceries or costumes, I am pretty miserable.

Shoe shopping is my personal hell!  Yeah, a girl who does not like to go out to buy shoes.  It is always such a huge disappointment for me.  I have great big huge clown feet, and girls shoes stop being cute at size 9, after that, cute shoes become drag queen shoes, or lifeboats. Luckily for me I wear a demure 10.5.

Lifeboats lifeboats lifeboats…Interesting Fact Number 6: I get sea sick!

I should say, I get motion sick.  It’s awful.  I went on a cruise once to the Mexican Riviera, and the whole 10 days I spent on that boat, I was a very pale shade of green.  I get that way on little boats, cars, planes, carnival rides…No tea cup ride for me thank you.

It is remarkable that I was able to accomplish Interesting Fact Number 5, each year I log over 20,000 miles of car travel. My troupe does a busking tour that takes me all over the country.  Wherever we can go to busk, or crash parades, of Questionable Repute is there.

And just like that I am already 60% finished with this factoid thingy!  I hope some day this is used in some sort of trivia page about me and my life… that would be funny.

Of course I like funny things. Interesting Fact Number 4, I see the world in cartoon form.  Like everything has been drawn and animated.  Sometimes people aren’t people, sometimes they are animals, and sometimes animals can talk.  As well as normally inanimate objects like machines and plants. Until my 30’s I thought this was how everyone saw the world.  It had to be explained to me that I am different.

I do have to admit that Interesting Fact Number 3 has to be that I am an autodidact.  I found out when I was in college, and have not been able to view life the same since then.  Now it is all look this up, read about that, then do it again someplace else!  Which I really don’t mind.  It keeps me busy during the slow hours.

We are down to Interesting Fact Number 2Hyperosmia!

Living with a health condition can have special challenges.  When it comes to hyperosmia, there isn’t a lot that can be done except cope with society.  It can be troublesome at large events and crowded public places.  But other than that, it is easy enough to cope with.  It can be fun when it is dinner time, I can walk through an apartment complex and know what everyone is cooking, and how good or bad the cook is.

Hyperosmia is one of those things that most people don’t think of. A lot of people don’t even know it is a condition.  Because it isn’t life threatening, it’s a hyper sensitivity. There is no treatment for it, so it is just a matter of dealing with everyone else hiding their insecurities about themselves behind an overwhelming soap smell. Other people’s hygiene habits can give me a migraine.  Why people think that it is so important to cover up the way they smell is beyond me, or the polar opposite and never clean themselves.  The worse is the amount of deodorants, fragrances and perfumes one person can pack on at one time (I could rant and rave about this topic for hours and hours) on top of the once a week bath.

That brings us to what you have all been waiting for, Interesting Fact Number 1!

I am as bad at twisting balloon animals as I am at juggling!  it’s true.  So far, after about three years of twisting, I can successfully make a snake, a worm, a pencil, a line, a smile, a frown, a penis… This will change this year though.  I asked Santa for balloons for christmas this year, and he was super kind and brought me a few hundred to play with.  Thanks Santa!



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