The Challenge: Where to Live

I travel a lot and I have been to a lot of places, most of which I could live if I had the desire. I have traveled to these places based on my lifestyle and opportunity.  So I would like to do this by process of elimination.

As far as Asia goes, I have been to Japan and Korea. The Japanese language is much easier to pick up than Korean. Both countries have amazing cuisine. Of course the traditional arts of the areas are not all that different. Let’s not neglect the history and culture is rich for all of Asia.

Having been to these countries gives me a fair gauge on what other Asian countries might be like.  I could see myself indulging in a season or two in Laos, or the Philippines.  But to devote my life there would be pushing it.

I recall, after living in Japan for a few months, I got this overwhelming feeling that more people could speak English than were letting on, and I thought that everyone was fucking with me.

Having grown up in the Southern California, Mexico and Baja Mexico were common holiday destinations for my family and friends, I have been countless times.  Only as far south as Cabo San Lucas.

I almost made it to Oaxaca for Dia de Los Muertos, so I could easily see me in a tiny village in that area of Mexico.  But really, I don’t think that I could handle the heat of the jungles there.

The UK and Canada have the beautiful weather I love so much.  So if I had to choose an European area like these, I would aim more for Italy or Germany.  The clown culture there in Europe is very thick.

There are some places in the United States that I have not been to.  I have not been to anything north of Florida on the Eastern Seaboard. And I have been as far east in the north as Ohio.  New England is a mystery to me, and that is where so much of the United States history is.

I could fancy myself in a seaside bungalow somewhere in the Carolinas. or a total polar opposite and say Kawaii. The important thing here is the seaside.

All of this talk  of living other places I have never seen, just makes me want to travel more!  It makes me want to live out of my suitcase for a while (patience, tour is coming!).  Often I go to places I haven’t been, so, yeah, I say, I will choose my suitcase and a random direction.

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