I had to look up the word fascinating.  to get a better understanding of what I am supposed to write about.  Then I am to pick one person to be fascinated with. I could list a number of people you might have heard of.  I could also tell you all about who I obsess on. Or even better yet, write about myself and how I struggle to juggle.  But that isn’t going to be the case here today.

My fascination lies with the human body.  I am completely enthralled with how the body and mind work together, and sometimes not.  Like when someone asks my room mate her opinion on something, it is funny to watch her explain that she can’t tell a lie, then completely bombard the person with the truth.  It never gets old.  You see, she can’t shut up once she starts because she has a brain tumor that keeps her mouth running like a leaky faucet.  You should also know that she is super passionate about what she believes in and is not afraid to be heard.  I love it.  But her brain and body kind of argue over what she is going to say and do.  But that is for another blog alltogether!

This pile of chemicals we call a body and all of its magical activities: The senses, the consumption and digestion, the motor functions.  The body smells the food, the body reacts.  The body sees the food, the body reacts more, sometimes with a grumbling in the center, because it really wants whatever smells so damn good. The body eats the food, the body is fueled and feels better.  The body uses the fuel to go tap dancing. The body passes the food (ahhhhh pooping, who doesn’t love it?), and feels better again.

Everything in the body is based on chemical reactions and electrical impulses.  All of our emotions are controlled by the production and intake of chemicals, you know, hormones and pheromones. A great way to witness this is to watch people dance. Tap dancing is such a great example of this too. The joy that a tap dancer experiences is apparent on their face as they dance.  The tap dancer’s body in motion being controlled by electrical impulses as the dancer feels the music throughout their body.  Fucking amazing!

It is so cool to watch the human condition in all its forms.  From the perfect ten to Quasimoto. We are all our own unique individual with our own thoughts and emotions.  Looking at people and how each one is so different from the next is a constant form of fascination to me.  Each one of those online dating profiles comes with a plethora of photos to perv out on, and believe me, I do perv out!

The power of positive thinking on the body.  Some people call it prayer, some call it channeling some call it good juju. Whatever you believe in is amazing and you should always share the positive energy you get from it with others. Belief in oneself can do wonders for the body mind and soul. Epic battles have been won with little more than a positive attitude.

We choose how we feel, ultimately controlling the chemical and electrical flow that is us. Positive thoughts and actions keep us aligned with one another, which makes this life in this body so great.

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