Tattoos? Yes! Please!

I have tattoos.  Several.  I have been under the gun 9 times, to have what looks like 8 tattoos.  Both shoulder caps, my entire spine and the tops of my feet, oh yeah, and a band on my right arm.  I can write a thousand words or more for each tattoo.  so, instead, let me tell you how I feel about tattoos.

I hate them! Yes, I hate them because of Ink Fever.  That’s what it is called when you get  a tattoo, and immediately want a 100 more. Now if you do some simple math, multiply 100 by 9 and that’s how many tattoos I want to get.  They are expensive, and inevitably I will run out of space.  Sooner than most considering the size of my tattoos.

I feel that having tattoos is such a personal thing.  My tattoos are for me.  I keep my collection covered like the Yakuza would.  Most people do not see my tattoos, unless they are close to me and see me with less clothing on. Private and invitation only, staff excluded.

Tattoos do not always have to have a specific meaning.  Some have more of a here and now significance. While some are just flash art to fill the need of a tattoo.  There are even some just to cover an area for medical reasons.   

If you don’t have tattoos, you won’t know what it means to have one.  It really is that simple.  For those of us who do have tattoos, we can hear the next one calling us, telling us to come pick them up, that they are waiting.



2 thoughts on “Tattoos? Yes! Please!

  1. I was totally and utterly convinced that I wanted a tattoo when I was 19. I had been wanting to have it for years, but I just never got around to it. Today, I’m relieved that I never did. I think I’ll be ink-less for life. But that’s me!


    1. you will have your skin forever, and can always change your mind. the older you get the easier they are to get. AAAaaaannd, when you get a tattoo, the skin is new under it! I once saw a 71 year old woman get her first tattoo. She was thrilled with it. She got a snake on her shoulder.

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