Slippery Challenge

My roomie takes me out of the apartment for a couple hours, and I lose two days!  Or is it three?  And today’s challenge is to be about books, one I really like and one I didn’t.

I have a cute home library.  A mere shadow of what it was before the Great Universe Flip in 2012.  When I had no choice but to lighten my burden and get rid of nearly everything.

I am not much of a fiction reader.  I have forced myself to read several literary classics, but if there is a movie made out of it, I would much rather see the movie.  Except the Harry Potter series, I re-read those every time a new one came out.  I even cried like a baby in the last two movies!

I feel that constantly reading fiction is a huge waste of time. In my opinion, reading fiction all the time is just as bad as watching reality television. If I am going to be sitting idle, I would rather be learning something.  Therefore, most of the books I have are non-fiction, technical, reference, historical, and philosophical. Of course blogs, I read a shit-tonne of blogs.

So when the request of writing about a book I love and book I didn’t, the same book comes to mind.  Clive Barker’s Imagica.  i had to re-start this book no less than 8 times!  It was so complicated I had to take notes, and highlight things, and underline things.  By the time I was finished with it, it looks like my second business math book from college.


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