True Love… A writing Challenge

Let’s talk about this for a minute or five.  I am very single, in a sense any way.  I am married to my career.  So I am a single married Clown.

My career, I am in love with it.  I love everything about being a clown.  Even the negative shit, like when idiot post teen and young adult women hide from me, feigning fright for attention.  As if they have never seen a girl with makeup on before.

My career encourages me to play.  With everything and everyone!  I get to play dress up every time I have a gig, and I get to dive head first into my makeup kit.  Most men have dated, complained about my overall maturity level, and the amount of makeup I buy.

My career insists on always getting better. It is constantly reminding me of things I do that other people need to see me do, or hear me say.  Where the men I date, are often embarrassed or confounded that I would say or do something so off beat.

Yes, it is all about my career as a Clown.  I am so very happy about the relationship I have with my working self.  I look forward to working every day!  Everyday brings a new facet of this beautiful thing I call a job.  I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to use such foul language towards something I love so much.  Please forgive the use of the word job.  I really didn’t mean it!

of Questionable Repute is my one and only!

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