Commuter Hell

I have been trying to keep up on this writing challenge.  Being torn away from it last weekend, threw me for a loop.  But with this post, I am now caught up to the calendar.  I just hope the roomie doesn’t keep me from my computer all weekend again.

Which leads me to the topic for day 13 of this challenge: My commute to work.  heh heh heh.  well, I work from home.  So my commute is rather short, and sometimes done naked.  I have that luxury!

I throw off the covers, get out of bed, walk to the kitchen and start my day with the elixir of life: COFFEE! That is the hardest part of my commute, making it to the kitchen to make coffee.  There is a long hallway between me and the life giving brew, which is sometimes navigated with eyes closed.  I am sure there is some danger in my commute… I do have to contend with dog bones and cat toys in my path.  have you ever stubbed your toe on a rawhide bone?  It isn’t pleasant.

Don’t be jealous, though, it isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.  I never get to leave my workplace, I am constantly reminded I have a lot to work on, I get no breaks from me.  Working from home, or wherever I am, is nice, but sometimes I wish I could have a studio to escape to, or from.  Until then I am really happy to go to work in my skivvies, and have no one here to complain that I am creating a hostile work environment.

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