Two Word Amusement

The fun part, for me, about writing challenges, the challenge asks questions that don’t normally surface, I say normally, but this is a game I play often with new friends to see how quick witted and perverted they can be.  Two words together that make me laugh!

The thing about this game though, it can get pretty vulgar pretty fast.  i don’t mind much, but I know there are some of my Dear Readers might be more sensitive than others. (insert goofy emoticon here).

When we play this game, we take two innocuous words put together to make a derogatory term.  Of course my ultimate maturity level plummets at the slightest hint of sophomoric humor.  Yes, I am in touch with my inner perpetual 14 year old.  Aren’t you?

Words are fun to play with, it is why we write, right?  Here is a very short list of two word phrases that will send me into a fit of giggles, it’s only short because I have been put on the spot and was told to write about it, so of course I now have the biggest and longest brain farts a human can have.

My short two word gigglefest list:

meat curtain

under where

few too or too few

male stripper

blue balls

ass hat

corporate responsibility

door jam

politically correct

military intelligence

reality TV


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