*$!@&$# Writing Challenge

Okay, so my wonderful, amazing, incredible, lovely room mate, best friend and hetero-life-partner, has weekends off, and they are always three day weekends.  There is no effing way I am going to keep my ass planted in front of my computer for any amount of time when her and I have fun to have!

Yes, my dear Dear Readers, I do have my limits. Life is too short to adhere to all the rules.  I am known for choosing my battles, and blogging totally loses out to having real life fun adventures.

So to satisfy my inner rule stickler, I am going to nail a few topics in one blog.  That way, you see Dear Readers, I am still on calendar track with this challenge, and I can do it again next week.  I have seriously fallen behind in my goals, I have to go back to day # 14!  Crap!  Okay, I can do this.  I mean, since I can and will bend the rules here, I am going to use it to my advantage and skew up the order in which the challenges are listed.

From Day 14 to Day 18!


  • My life in 7 years?
    • Professionally
      • I see myself touring the United States.  Ultimately busking across the nation to eat at as many BBQ places I can find.  Paying for it solely by busking.
    • Personally
      • Geez!  Taking care of my roomie, laughing somewhere with her.  everything and anything else is a mystery.
  • Three pet peeves?
    • Ivan Peevesjohan peeves
      •  the youngest of the three Peeves.  He is a little quicker to figure things out, but still runs off the edge of the table.  I hate that.
    • Matthalamew Peeveshamsternew-hamster-fluffy-food-wallpaper-hd-23619-animals-siayvo-giqxaqzn-700x400
      • the middle one.  he is fun to look at, and watching him eat is the cutest thing, he more resembles a tribble than the others.
    • Allan Peeves huooas
      • the serious one.  He has never bitten me, but I still approach him with caution.
  • A Quote I live by.
    • Clowns don’t do funny things, they do things funny.
      • It took this quote to open my eyes to the reality that I was born a Clown.
      • I feel that this blog is a fairly good example of this philosophy.
  • My favorite color.
    • Plaid
      • Who doesn’t smile at plaid?  That guy over there maybe, but he rolled his eyes at plaid, I think that counts.  He also said that he wasn’t going to wear those plaid pleated pants.
    • the rainbow.
      • Show me the jerk that isn’t awed by a rainbow.  Because, obviously,
        that person needs a hug!


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