Challenge # 19. Code name: The Music Shuffle

The challenge says to pick three songs from my music library.  After I stopped laughing, I started laughing again at this challenge.  I do not have the time to go through my music and choose three songs.

So here I go again, Dear Readers, bending the rules to fit me.  Much like costuming, I will make it fit to me, dammit!

I might have touted my Pandora stations before here. I currently am listening to After Hours at the Chateau of Questionable Repute station.  It is an all jazz station, mainly focusing on jazz from the early 1900’s to the late 40’s.  Mostly instrumentals too.  Essentially I created this station to have playing in the background for late night get togethers and dinner parties.  It is upbeat and not obnoxious.  It doesn’t interfere with conversation, or other grown up activities, so to speak.

The music is fun and clever.  Very nice for dancing, or whatever


Sidney Bechet – If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight. – a really nice dancing with someone song.  Lulling melody with a gentle rhythm guitar instead of percussion.

I always imagine that the conversation gets a little quieter during this song, a little more closer.  More touchy feely.


Bob Crosby and His Bobcats are a ragtime band that keeps the tempo moving!  March of the Bobcats is much more upbeat than the last Bechet song.  Still fun to dance to, and have a laugh with.


Next for our listening pleasure At After Hours at the Chateau of Questionable Repute we have Mr. Eddie Condon with ‘s Wonderful on Eddie Condon Dixieland All-Stars.

This song is in league with Bob Crosby’s previous song.  Just super fun to dance to, and just as fun to listen to, yet not as ragtimey.

I could play music for all of you Dear Readers all day long.  This blog saddens me that I can’t.



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