HAHAHAHAAH in the face of fears

I missed yesterday’s challenge because of one of my greatest fears.  My computer wouldn’t start!  I was separated from the interwebs.  OH NOSE! How can I get anything done? No music to fuel my soul. No word processing for me. No comforting instructional videos on juggling. No perving image searches on Alton Brown. But worst of all, no video games!

I had been having issues for a while, with my computer taking forever to load anything, or open anything, and then boom! I was seriously dreading the fact that it couldn’t work this hard for very much longer. Then, when going to show a friend some of my production photos yesterday The Beast (yes I named my computer The Beast) said it wasn’t gonna start until I fixed it.

I had a trick up my sleeve though!  I still have access to the interwebs on my stupid smart phone.  So to a Google I went a searchin’.  I only had to refine my search a few dozen times to get to an answer that fitted my problem.  Turns out I had a hardware issue.  

This is a good thing, it is easier to fix a hardware issue than a software issue.  Usually.  Although, sometimes it is an expensive quick to fix issue.  

I found a few sites that had a list of things to check before calling tech support.  I looked them over to see what I hadn’t done yet. All tech support says the same thing first, check the power supply.  Sometimes the machine isn’t plugged in all the way and that can be an issue.  It wasn’t for me, I knew that, but went through the stupid motions, just to tell tech support when I call that I went through that already.

Then most of the self help guides went directly into the computer and recommended taking out the innards of the computer and removing lithium batteries and such.  This seemed like a huge step from checking the power source.  Instead, I decided to look at a few more tech support suggestions.

I came upon an article that talked about keyboards being plugged into the wrong ports. The result of them being in the wrong ports matched all the things my computer had been doing for the past 4 months.

“There it is!”  I yelled to my dog.  She wagged her tail at me.

So I moved my keyboards double USB connectors to the correct ports, and to my utter delight, my computer then came on.  Not only did it boot up perfectly, but faster than it has in months.  Joy of joys!

I do fear that I can not fix my problems in life.  I am quite willing to face anything that I am afraid of.  I do not let fright keep me from doing things.  Fear keeps me moving forward.  My fear of failing myself is the best motivator I have.  Shucks, that fear alone got me to write this blog.



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