Zodiac, o zodiac, how you fit me

Until the early 20th century, astrology was taught at university level.  Ancient Jewish temples have intricate mosaics of the astrological circle. Carl Sagan said it over and over, we are made of star stuff.  How can we not be affected by the stars if we are made from them?

I was born in the beginning of April.  I am an Aries.  Aries is ruled by the planet Mars.  Both names are the names of gods, specifically the gods of war. Of course Aries is a fire sign.

I research my charts a few times a year.  I do this with a grain of salt of course.  But I do find it rather interesting that so much of what the charts say about me is true.

I have entered other dates of birth in the chart generators, and completely different results come up.  Oddly enough, these false charts are nothing like me.  I have entered friends birthdays, and got to read all about their personalities.  It does kind of give good insight, if you have the faith in your own charts, any way.

But like all other beliefs, it is within the person believing where the truth lies.



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