Hiatus! Yeah, That’s What I am Calling it.

Psst!  Hey!  Remember this goofy Clown?  No? Yes? Maybe? You aren’t sure? It’s Possible?

Well, for those of you who are keeping up on the continuing story of my juggling skills, let me tell you: I still suck at it!

Not for lack of trying either. Oh no!  I have gotten pretty good at juggling two scarves in one hand. I assure you, it is easier for me to than two with two hands. Although the ultimate goal is three with two hands.  Yeah, I would be satisfied with three.

The world record right now is 11.  11 bean bags with 23 catches.  Impressive, I can’t do two, and this homie is doing 11.  Let’s see him in face, and then make him do his little juggling act… I bet he would get a standing ovation.


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