Work? Really?

Are you ready for another not so Clowny blog from me? Looking for some insight on little ol’ me? This is a “new job” blog. Nothing exciting here really, just opinions and thoughts on work. Not everything in my life is about juggling…. GEEEZ!

Ahh the nightlife.

Recently I had to rejoin the workforce because my life calling makes zero money.

If any of you know me at all, you should easily see that I can’t just have any job. Cubicles are not for me! Pushing pencils? What is that even about? Don’t we all use computers now? 9 to 5? I am too busy sleeping then to be bothered with working those hours. You can just forget about me working in fast food or in restaurants in general.

Not that I am poo pooing any of those who do any of those things, no no no! The world needs people who can do those things. Without you 9 to 5’ers, this planet would crumble, I think. I love the service industry workers! I am very good to my servers and wait staff! it’s just that I make a horrible server. I know not to bring down a restaurant’s reputation with my bad service.

I don’t drink, so bartending is a no go for me too. Asking someone who doesn’t drink to tend a bar is irresponsible at best, and those who try without knowing what to do… may god have mercy on your souls.

I tried looking for a job that would suit my needs. A position that would allow me to not have to drudge through hours of computer work and cold calling new clients. That sounds like a fucking nightmare to me.

Huzzah to the people who can have normal jobs! Make that money! Get it!

Me? What am I doing now? I am a cab driver now. In beautiful Portland, Oregon. The job suits me, I am not expected to be awake at 9 in the morning, ever! I don’t have mountains of paperwork to collate. There is no filing to be done either. Joy of Joys.

Again, for those of you who know me, and know what a fucking nerd I am, you can appreciate what I am about to say. The cab I drive is not a car at all, it is a Tesla. That’s right, I dive a mother fucking, sploosh worthy spaceship!


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