I started a Joke

When we last saw our intrepid Clown chuckles Douchet, she was embarking on a new journey of employment….

I am not even going to bore you with the details.  Really being a cab driver is just another job.  I don’t get the wild fares, I get normal people trying to just get from point A to point B.

I miss being a Clown.

And now all those ass hats scaring people while wearing clown masks and clown costumes…

It’s funny.  But to threaten someone’s life because you are scared..?  Really.  A big grown man is going to shoot another man, or woman because he has face paint on and has some balloons.  Let’s think about that for a minute.

The Clown, just wants to see people happy, wants to introduce the absurd and nonsensical.  Doing what a Clown must do, make people think, and laugh, and enjoy the moment.   During the Clown’s out of face life is not much different, they just don’t wear the costume and makeup all the time.

Clowns have lives too.  They have children, and grandchildren. They have brothers, sisters, aunties, crazy uncles, mothers fathers, friends, night time jobs that pay the bills.  Clowns eat and poop just like everyone else, except my farts smell like chocolate chip cookies.  No, really, pull my finger.

Some Clowns actually do a lot for society in general.  Shriners bitches… They are amazing clowns, with tiny cars.  I love the shriners.  If it weren’t for the shriners, thousands of children each year would go without the medical attention they need for severe conditions.

Does anyone ever think of those Clowns?  No!  They don’t.  Because they are such blind idiots they assume a pale imposter is the real thing.

It makes me wonder: Do any of these ass hats threatening Clowns lives have pit bulls, or staffordshire bull terriers?

Dear Readers, please be smarter than the average human, and understand that Clown lives Matter!


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