Love is Love is Love is Love

So you know Dear Readers, some subjects in this blog are intended for grown ups. If you don’t like what you read…. well, then i suggest you grow up a little, then come back to it.

Have you ever been in love? I have. I am right now. I love it too! What’s not to love about being in love? All the little things that make it so awesome:

The laughter. It is a non stop laugh riot over here. Oh Dear Readers, if you could be a fly on this wall just for the humor alone. My Love makes me laugh like no other. The kind of laugh that leaves tears in the eyes, and the belly gasping for air.

Doing fun things has never been so much fun! From infantile simple things like eating and pooping to complex concepts and theories of building the perfect time machine. There are some points in the future that need some adjusting so next week we will fix what happens tomorrow, once the thrust capacitor is aligned.

Small gestures are what makes people happy. Little tokens of friendship and desire. For my Love, I cook! I learn the most amazing dishes, and then perfect them. This of course affects my Love.

We are starving artists, essentially, so gift giving is often done with gifts from the heart. hand or head crafted tokens of esteem. Such as poetry and self portraits. These are priceless things, of course, simply for the singularity of it all.

Granted, because of the nature of this relationship, arguments are beyond brutal. Some of the things said in these arguments should never be repeated in the company of others. Forgiveness is not always easy, however, wins over in the end.

The sex, well, I remind you of the depth of this Love: beyond compare to any other kind of love. There isn’t a molecule of my existence that my Love can not touch or influence. My Love is very encouraging to me to have sex with men, women, and couples. It is a fun thought experiment, all in all.

When humans are in love, their world changes. For some, it gets dark, and scary. Sometimes all love needs a little darkness so we know what the light can do. For others, it is a routine, doing what mom and pop did. For the rest of us, it brings reality into a whole new dimension. Wonderful things that seemed unobtainable before, are now within easy grasp.

Here is where I tell you that my Love is not a noun in the context of this blog. It is a verb defining my emotional state about myself.


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