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A short Word From an Angry Clown

I found a rock, and I have been hiding under it.  Most of it had to do with the presidential election.  I registered to vote, I voted, and my vote did not seem to matter since our presidency is bought.

I got really sick and tired of being compared to politicians. Every time a politician is called a clown, a clown dies.  Did you know that?  I didn’t think you did.  Now some 6 year old is not going have  Wrinkles do his famous balloon animal petting zoo at her 7th birthday. Yeah, and now, Dee Doo is just a dog in a funny hat too! Thanks!  I hope you are all so damned happy.

Clowns are above politicians, because we can, and will always point out what the politicians are failing at.  Yu-Sze, a court jester, effectively saved thousands of lives by standing up to the emperor. He certainly was not the last either.  Jesters have always been looked to for political insight.

It seems to me that there is a lot of dirty work to be done to clean up American politics.  What we have as a president now is going to ruin all the hard work we have all put in.  I am positive that this president is going to slam change into place whether it is his decision, or the people of the United States due to his actions.  Either way, shit is now hitting the fan and we are left without Gallagher like protective plastic ponchos.

For those of you who did not vote, and are all uppity and boo-hoo-ing about our political state, shut the fuck up!  You should have been proactive and voted.  HALF OF THE COUNTRY DID NOT VOTE!  To all those lazy ass hats:  I hail to you the mighty middle finger of self justice.  Fuck you all for being to self entitled to unwrap yourselves from your self absorbent lives. No vote: No Voice!

For all the trump supporters, haha, well, when your rights are stripped away from you by your beloved trump, you can cry yourself a river.  Just go back into the closet of ignorance.  Stay there, and don’t forget your survival crackers.  It’s all you get. That and a big FUCK YOU from a clown like me.




Wowee! Where Have I Been Hiding?

AAaaahhhh Dear Readers, what a strange trip it’s been.  I have been busy.  Too busy with moving forward with my troupe, and rehabilitation to bore you all to death with my day to day routine.

Change is inevitable, and sometimes can force a Clown to choose between battles. It isn’t surprising how easy it is to give up on something.  Even when that something is a really amazing thing.

I know what you are thinking. NO!  I haven’t given up on juggling!  I have come up with a really clever routine of juggling actually. Now if I could just learn how.

Losing focus seemed to have been my theme song in 2015.  Literally and figuratively.  I lost the vision in my right eye a few months ago, and have been going through some aggressive treatments to regain what was lost.

Thankfully the treatments are working, as horrific as they are.  “Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye” has a whole new connotation for me now.

At least my doctor and his staff are really cute.   I mean like double take and look hard enough to see through clothes cute.  Even blind in one eye and dilated pupils I could see how cute they are!

Stay tuned kids!  Big things are coming up!  You all will be the first wave to feel the force of Questionable Repute.


Oh the Juggling

Some day, I will know the joy of being able to juggle.

I practice and practice, I do not see any improvement, but then I have been half blind for a month or so.

I have been turning to research.  I watch juggling videos to try gain insight on anything having to do with form or patterns. I have read juggling history, where I followed information trails back to ancient Egypt.

Juggling is a craft that mesmerises people.  It is an artform that makes us question what we are seeing, and its relation to gravity.

Just when I thought that I had a grasp on what juggling was or is, I came across a modern juggler; Jerome Thomas.

He is the worlds best juggler of all time.  I mean of all time, not just of my life span.  His command of the space around him is magical (I really wish that the editor of this video would have understood that). The U.S. has missed out on a lot of quality entertainment.