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A short Word From an Angry Clown

I found a rock, and I have been hiding under it.  Most of it had to do with the presidential election.  I registered to vote, I voted, and my vote did not seem to matter since our presidency is bought.

I got really sick and tired of being compared to politicians. Every time a politician is called a clown, a clown dies.  Did you know that?  I didn’t think you did.  Now some 6 year old is not going have  Wrinkles do his famous balloon animal petting zoo at her 7th birthday. Yeah, and now, Dee Doo is just a dog in a funny hat too! Thanks!  I hope you are all so damned happy.

Clowns are above politicians, because we can, and will always point out what the politicians are failing at.  Yu-Sze, a court jester, effectively saved thousands of lives by standing up to the emperor. He certainly was not the last either.  Jesters have always been looked to for political insight.

It seems to me that there is a lot of dirty work to be done to clean up American politics.  What we have as a president now is going to ruin all the hard work we have all put in.  I am positive that this president is going to slam change into place whether it is his decision, or the people of the United States due to his actions.  Either way, shit is now hitting the fan and we are left without Gallagher like protective plastic ponchos.

For those of you who did not vote, and are all uppity and boo-hoo-ing about our political state, shut the fuck up!  You should have been proactive and voted.  HALF OF THE COUNTRY DID NOT VOTE!  To all those lazy ass hats:  I hail to you the mighty middle finger of self justice.  Fuck you all for being to self entitled to unwrap yourselves from your self absorbent lives. No vote: No Voice!

For all the trump supporters, haha, well, when your rights are stripped away from you by your beloved trump, you can cry yourself a river.  Just go back into the closet of ignorance.  Stay there, and don’t forget your survival crackers.  It’s all you get. That and a big FUCK YOU from a clown like me.




The Here and Now Pants

It was brought to my attention recently that I have not posted anything to my blog in awhile.  Truth be told, I have not been in the bright cheery mood that this blog requires.  Until like 3 minutes ago!

I do not listen to the local radio stations here.  I stick to my Pandora, my internet radio. I stick to my Pandora stations.  For those of you who don’t know what Pandora is, It is a little like Spotify, but more random.  There are commercials, unless you subscribe.  The 5 buck subscription is worth it to me for commercial free listening.  The user is able to seed a station with almost any band or genre of music you like. Then Pandora selects similar artists to play.

Numero Uno Fun.Tunos is my station. I have been actively cultivating for about 5 years. In the past five years, I have been introduced to some amazing artists because of this creation.  It has been a while since new bands have been tossed into this extraordinary mix of music randomly.

When I opened Numero Uno Fun Tunos today, it began with a band called The Watery Graves of Portland. Now this band will be my new favorite thing.  I couldn’t find the song that was played on my station, which was called Marco Polo. However I did find this other song, and thought it was pretty groovy too.

Influences …of Questionable Repute: Zero point One

Some of you might have an inkling of my interpersonal status, and the perils I face in pursuit of carnal bliss.  If you don’t, and just can not possibly live another day with out knowing, read A Fairly Quiet Rant.

Recently I went on a short tour, and spent a fair amount of time on passenger rail across the US.  I met a man on the train that was more intrigued by my career than put off by it, so we had a lengthy chat about Clowning, and the history of it. Now dear Readers, when I say man, I mean total hottie.

Within our conversation, he asked “What kind of performers have influenced you to be a clown?”

Of course I spout out a bunch of obvious answers, of who I would watch as a kid and wanted to emulate. Not really wanting to delve too deeply into the psychology of Clowns, I gave him names of actors, actresses, and their bodies of work. He then asked me “What is it about these specific performers that made you keep going back to essentially study them?”

As conversations go on a train, we were easily distracted by announcements from the conductors, and passers by.  Subsequently, the answer never saw the interior of that train.  I have been revisiting that question again and again: What is it about these performers that keeps me coming back?

This question made me take a deeper look, and I started a list of the people who have left an indelible mark on my specific brand of humor. The list of influences is lengthy! So to use the K.I.S.S. method (Keep It Simple Stupid), I will start way up at the top.  One of the most important influence has probably been Phyllis Diller.  Always with the incredibly bad wig, the eye bending costumes, goofy shoes, and smart gloves.

Phyllis Diller is possibly one of the funniest people to have lived.  Her ability to break down laughing at her own jokes is endearing.  I love the look she gets in her eye when she is on a one liner run.  That twinkle is the twinkle of truth. As if her whole routine is therapy for her.  If she says it to the people she is talking about she might ruin relationships, but saying it on stage turns it cathartic.

She also calls out the house wife and mother roles.  She reminds her audience that these are not as easy nor ad glamorous as we all want to believe they are.  She puts both in a light that makes her audience know that it is okay to be human.