Writing 101 Day 8: No Right Eye Pants

Hello Dear Readers,

Due to a series of stupid accidents in my own home, I am left with one eye: My left eye.  I already have to wear corrective lenses, of course, my left eye is the the weaker of the pair.  Thanks to the United States Health Care System, I can’t see a doctor until Friday, or go to the emergency room.  Those are my options.

Wearing eye patches is only fun and games until you have to.  Soft and flexible bandanas are the best patches so far.  however, wearing an eye patch makes everything more challenging.  The simplest of tasks are compounded with the one eyed handicap. Reading and writing take nearly twice as long. So I was being more selective on my Reader today.  Sorry to everyone I follow who have posted today, I will read them when I can see with both eyes.

One of the blogs that caught my left eye was Wednesday Wonder: How to Mix Business With Pleasure on Welcome to Makandal’s blog page.

Essentially the article briefly covers the history of this troupe and the joy of playing for a living.  Clowns embody this I feel as much as musicians do.  Surely it is a different kind of play clowns do.  We even play musical instruments from time to time, (flatulence not fully excluded from the list of instruments).

The art of play is something that does require practice. That’s what we call rehearsal.  I love rehearsal because nothing is off limits.  We can safely approach any subject without fear of being clobbered by ignorant drunks.  We can work out the parts we don’t like into bit we use to make people laugh.  When we rehearse, we are at our most playful.

While at an appearance, or a parade, we then remember what we like to play most and relive it. We share with our audience what joy and laughter are contained in our hearts.

I am pretty sure there are a few careers out there that use the term play instead of work.  Actors, musicians, athletes, DJ.’s all play as work  I can also safely say that getting paid for playing as work is possibly the coolest thing ever.


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