Writing 101 – Listy pants

  • Things I Like
    • pants
    • trying again
    • ice cream in the shower
    • ponies
    • the forest canopy
    • sharp knives
    • new make up
    • my Clown shoes
    • tiny cars
    • seeing old people hold hands and or kiss
    • taking breaks
  • Things I’ve Learned
    • patience
    • how to roll croissants
    • seeing the bigger picture
    • pay attention to tiny details
    • drive a car
    • we are all starstuff
    • life is short
    • love is good
    • anger is an energy
    • tie a shoe
  • Things I Wish
    • Seattle wasn’t so far away
    • to have a motorcycle
    • to be happier tomorrow than I am today
    • to make at least one more person laugh every time I make a person laugh
    • i had a strawberry rhubarb pie.

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